Frontalis® Features/Benefits

Creates: high quality, color or gray-scale images.

Database: approximately 2,000 facial components allows users to create countless facial composites.

Auto Display: Scroll through select facial feature sets to assist eyewitness if they have trouble recalling an individual feature.

Frontalis™ Editor tools: Paint brush, Scatter brush, smudge, clone stamp, eraser, color picker and zoom.

Modification tools: Color adjust, positioning, scaling, margin adjustment, rotation (Together as a set, or individually), horizontal flip, etc. Parts can also be re-set to their default size.

Exportable: facial composites as a JPEG, BMP, or PNG can be opened in Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe® Photoshop® Elements, Corel Paintshop Pro or other popular graphic software programs for further editing.

Multi-View: Allows users to create 6 different versions of the suspect appearance for later reference by the victim.

Database: Available facial components will allow users to create a wide-range of ethnic faces. Agencies may also contract with SketchCop® Solutions to create custom ethnic facial features that may not be found in our standard database.

Facial Component Database includes: Heads, Chins, Ears, Foreheads, Cheeks, Hairstyles, Eyebrows, Eyes, Noses, Mouths, Headwear and Eye/Sun Glasses. Age your suspect using our Forehead lines, Eye lines Mid-facial lines and Neck lines. Alternative looks can be created using Beards, Stubble, Mustaches and Goatees, Masks, Earrings, Tattoos, Blemishes and Scars.

Discounts: available for multiple licenses. Ask us for a quote.

Training: Please visit our Training page to learn about training options.

Product upgrades and updates: sold separately.

Technical support: via E-mail.