SketchCop RemoteSketchCop® Solutions is an industry-leader in producing “Real time” – Online facial composites. Law enforcement agencies who prefer traditional, hand-drawn, facial composites may contact us to request our service. It’s a quick and convenient service that’s proven to be especially helpful during time-sensitive investigations.

SketchCop® Solutions uses to connect investigators from around the world with an experienced forensic facial image expert. Since starting the service, we’ve successfully conducted nearly 100 online sketch interviews. The Baltimore City Police Department contracts with us to provide online forensic facial imaging services to 12 detectives units within their organization, including their Homicide, Adult & Child Sexual Assault and Citywide Robbery Units.

Our service not only provides greater flexibility for investigators and eyewitnesses, it’s also a cost-effective solution that offers faster turnaround times. In most cases, investigators can schedule same-day interviews. This increases the opportunity for investigators to reduce investigative cycle times.

To begin, you’ll need the following:

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Below are samples of our online sketches.