SketchCop® Solutions is an industry-leader in producing online facial composite sketches. We routinely interview eyewitnesses in a virtual setting. To date, we have conducted over 100 successful online composite sketch interviews for law enforcement.

Our staff of experienced forensic facial imaging experts use web-conferencing technology, serving a global audience of law enforcement professionals. Investigators use our quick and easy-to-access solution to help them identify violent repeat offenders.

Conducting online composite sketch interviews has proven to be a popular solution. It offers greater flexibility and convenience for busy investigators and eyewitness. With SketchCop® Remote, they can participate in the interview from the comfort of their home or office, while investigators focus on the case.

Online composite sketches have also proven to be a cost-effective solution that helps reduce investigative cycle times.

Sketch artist appointments that once took days to schedule, now takes just a few hours. As a matter of fact, investigators can schedule same-day interviews and have their sketches quickly delivered via e-mail.

If you’re interested in scheduling an online composite sketch interview, make sure you review the items listed below:

To schedule your online composite sketch appointment, please complete the request form, or visit our Contact page.

Below are samples of SketchCop® Remote online sketches.