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SketchCop® Solutions, Inc. – “The Digital Difference in Facial Imaging and Identification”, is a California, USA, corporation formed in 2007.

SketchCop® Solutions, Inc. provides forensic facial imaging software products, services & training to law enforcement, related government agencies, military, intelligence, private security and academics.

SketchCop® Solutions, Inc. is an authorized reseller for XP-Pen Technology, Animetrics and AprilAge.

SketchCop® Solutions, Inc. is owned by Michael W. Streed, I.A.I. (International Association for Identification) Certified Forensic Artist and one of the world’s most experienced forensic facial imaging experts.

SketchCop® Solutions, Inc. has assembled a team of associates who are uniquely qualified to assist global law enforcement with their most challenging cases – “cold or active”.

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SketchCop Solutions, Inc.
1941 California Avenue, Suite 77458
Corona, CA 92877

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