Philippine National Police

In 2017, The Quezon City Police branch of the Philippine National Police purchased a dozen Frontalis® Facial Composite System software licenses. Since then, they’ve deployed this advanced crime-fighting tool to police stations across the city with a plan for additional licenses in the future.

The addition of Frontalis® Facial Composite System was such a significant event, police held a press conference attended by CNN and other local news outlets.

Over a two-day period, several officers attended a live webinar conducted by Michael W. Streed – The SketchCop®. The training covered many topics including, how to interview eyewitnesses and how to create and edit a facial composite using Frontalis® Facial Composite System

Moving forward, SketchCop® Solutions looks forward to becoming an important part of the Philippine National Police’s crime-fighting strategy.

South American Law Enforcement

Several South American law enforcement agencies have shown interest in Frontalis® Facial Composite System, including the Paraguay National Police who recently purchased their own software licenses.

During a demonstration, officers from law enforcement agencies in Colombia used Frontalis® Facial Composite System to create sample facial composites.

They were curious to see how the quality of Frontalis® Facial Composite System software compared to a police sketch  drawn by an artist. Upon completion, it was recreated using Frontalis® Facial Composite System.

Look at the right-side column. The results are astonishing!

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