SketchCop® Solutions, Inc. is an official reseller for XP-Pen Technology.

XP-Pen Technology is an industry leader in the development and sales of peripheral display devices since 2005.

XP Pen’s team is committed to ‘endless innovation’ of their products. Their goal is to bring every artist into the digital age with affordable, high-quality tools and technology to suit their individual needs. XP-Pen, believes their products should adapt to the needs of their clients—not the other way around.

SketchCop Solutions, Inc. shares a similar philosophy. We believe that XP-Pen’s reliable and affordable products are the perfect fit for art/forensic science students and law enforcement professionals looking to make their move from pencils to pixels.

Using a pen stylus is far more intuitive than trying to use a mouse to create art. After all, we learned to write our names early in life using pencil and paper. Why not use a similar device to create the faces of violent criminals?

Watch the videos below. Decide which device is most appropriate for your:

  • Budget
  • Skill/Experience level
  • Artistic style

Once you’ve made your choice, click the BUY button, or visit our Pen Tablet/Pen Display page.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.