Michael W. Streed is proud to be associated with a diverse group of law enforcement professionals, academics, charitable organizations and select individuals. To learn more about these amazing people and their organizations, follow the links below.

Forensic Training Unlimited Online

Forensic Training Unlimited wants to get you trained! They offer specialized forensic training courses in topics such as crime scene investigations, fingerprint classification, death investigation, and forensic career marketing. Their goal is to see students make the leap from student to forensic professional and achieve their professional goals. In addition, the online academy offers these pages to help you get started with your forensic career:

By offering online training AND hands-on training at The Forensic Science Academy, we are considered the premier student training program in Southern California. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Crime Survivors of SoCal

Crime Survivors is committed to serving communities by advocating for, and providing resources for crime victims and their families

If you don’t know where to turn, or are confused or frustrated with the public services that are available to you as you recover or seek justice, Crime Survivors can help. Their web site provides information, resources and tools to help “Survivors”. CLICK HERE for more information or to donate.


SketchCop® Solutions, Inc. is proud to be the official forensic facial imaging provider for The International Institute of Forensic Sciences. Their organization brings together renowned experts from around the world to provide training and forensic services to individuals and government agencies.

The International Institute of Forensic Sciences publishes The Forensic Gazette and has 800+ Affiliates representing 70+ Disciplines in 53 Countries. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Ask a Forensic Artist

Lisa Bailey is the author of, Ask a Forensic Artist and AskaForensicArtist.com.

Lisa’s an experienced forensic artist with the nation’s premier law enforcement agency. Lisa’s website is a clearinghouse for those who are looking for information about how to begin their career as a forensic artist. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Jason Jensen, Private Investigator                                    

Jensen Private Investigations is a private detective agency providing support services to customers involved in criminal actions or civil court actions, or customers who just need peace of mind. Jason is also a co-founding member of the Utah Cold Case Coalition.

If you are facing criminal charges or you are entrenched in a lawsuit, let Jason K. Jensen’s over 20 years of investigative experience, criminal defense and civil litigation experience benefit your case and save you money. In addition to field experience, Mr. Jensen is college-educated in the industry. He has a master’s degree in criminal justice from Colorado Technical University. His educational background also includes paralegal studies in the 1990s, studying the law before there were criminal justice degrees…

Mains Investigative Services, LLC

Need someone who isn’t afraid to take on the establishment or ruffle a few feathers in order to get justice? Look no further than Mains Investigative Services, LLC.

We have the reputation for getting the job done. We are a licensed, reputable, full-service investigation and consulting firm that goes above and beyond for our high-end clients.

Mains’ investigative work has been endorsed by Dr. Henry Lee, Dr. Cyril Wecht, Lt. Joe Kenda, USMC Brigadier General Martin Berndt, Dr. Werner Spitz and many more. Learn more at: mainsinvestigativeservices.com.

Imagine Publicity

Since 2008 Imagine Publicity has assisted in social media management for individuals, organizations, books, small businesses and websites. Social media marketing and management are proven to be an integral part of all business success strategies.

Their services are tailored to the individual goals of our clients with assessments and action plans for each step towards completion.Whether you are just beginning to put your toes into the social media waters, or not seeing your desired results, they can help. Imagine Publicity offers long-term program, or short-term, per project programs. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Gary C. King – True Crime Author

From the most notorious serial killers to the most obscure, Gary C. King is among the world’s foremost living true crime authors bringing you among the best in true crime stories and books. King has been writing about real crime, real criminals, real detectives, real victims, and those left
behind for more than three decades. Several of his 19 nonfiction crime books and more than 500 real detective stories cover some of the most infamous serial killers and otherdespicable murderers humankind has ever known. His work also includes true crime articles about the bizarre, weird and just plain abnormal. CLICK HERE to learn more about Gary’s books,