Free demo download and 60-Day Full Trial Version Now Available.

SketchCop® FACETTE DemoA limited demo version of SketchCop® FACETTE Face Design System software is available to North American (*United States, Canada & Mexico) law enforcement, military, government, security professionals, licensed private investigators and schools with forensic science education programs. Our SketchCop® FACETTE Demo software allows creation of a wide-array of facial composites with the following restrictions:

*A limited amount of the complete database of facial components is available
(Only 10 facial components per component category)
*No access to database functions
*No database query by using search criteria

To receive the FULL benefit of SketchCop® FACETTE Face Design System software, we recommend users convert to our FREE, UNRESTRICTED, 60-day trial.

*Law enforcement agencies outside of the United States, Canada and Mexico may request information for a demo at: