Features/Benefits ForensicaGPS

  • Accepts frontal and profile facial poses ranging from -90o to +90o.
  • Smart Texturing – lls occluded facets.
  • Automatic feature detection for images at any (y) axis pose between -90o and +90o and also pose angles in (x) and (z) axis.
  • Integration of up to 5 images per subject.
  • 2D comparison by deforming/overlaying images with a transparency layer.
  • 3D geometric comparison via the generation of 3D models from 2D images.
  • Nominalization of lighting fields to eliminate shadows in source imagery.
  • Single-subject mode for generating a 3D model for a single individual.
  • SDK and ActiveX Control available to streamline system integration.
  • Automatic or manual landmark input. ForensicaGPS is primarily designed to operate as an interactive application with the user carefully placing descriptors on features of the face. However,
  • ForensicaGPS can also take advantage of Animetrics’ unparalleled facial analysis to automatically place descriptors to enhance efficiency.
  • ForensicaGPS allows the manipulation of models for examination prior to exporting an image sequence or video file.
  • From the two subjects, two 3D models or avatars are created which can both be visually and metrically compared to each other.
  • Provides a Split Viewport function on the 3D
  • Uses a built-in global coordinate system (x,y to x,y,z synchronization) for accurate comparative analysis of facial features such as scars, moles, tattoos and distance measurement between selected facial features.
  • Able to map 2D coordinates to 3D coordinates at any angle and compare one image or 3D to another image and 3D.
  • ForensicaGPS also allows recording of facial features’ digital metadata.


Multiple Rendering Options:

  • Surface Illumination: Adds a lighting effect to the surface of the avatar.
  • Wireframe: Shows the underlying wireframe supporting the avatar.
  • Mask: Displays only the frontal region, or “mask,” of the face.
  • Show Features: Displays all visible features denoted on the avatar as color-coded points.
  • Show Entire Head: When more than one view is used, this option becomes activated. It will display a full avatar.
  • GalleryGen function: Allows the output of a sequence of images of any pose desired for preparation of artistic materials or scientific testing.
  • Model Tuning: Allows the parameterization of model generation based on ethnicity, age, or ethnic group providing optimized and more realistic output.
  • AVIGen: Allows the generation of an AVI video sequence of an animated head.

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