ForensicaGPS™ is an advanced investigative facial recognition and analysis/comparison tool. It’s a solution for law enforcement that addresses law enforcement, forensic and security personnel’s urgent need to identify suspects from any kind of photographic evidence that captures an image of a suspects face, including those from video surveillance cameras and a variety of other video sources.

ForensicaGPS’s biometric solution allows officers to identify individuals from low-resolution photos or video. ForensicaGPS also features advanced facial recognition technology designed to increase the speed and enhance the accuracy of criminal investigations.

The key to ForensicaGPS’ accuracy is the software’s ability to convert two-dimensional facial images into three-dimensional avatars that can be rotated and viewed from any angle. This allows personnel to analyze and compare the face as well as normalize the pose for entry into facial recognitions software programs.

Advanced creation and enhancement tools give investigators the ability to correct suspect poses and fill in facial details difficult to perceive in the original images. This facilitates the output of a corrected “ID Ready” image for visual identification or inclusion in Animetrics’ FaceR Identity Management Systems (FIMS) or third-party face-recognition software applications.

For more information about ForensicaGPS™ download the datasheet or request an online demo with one of our forensic facial imaging experts.