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Welcome to my website, SketchCop.com. My name is Michael W. Streed. I’m a (Ret.) Police Sergeant and award-winning, internationally recognized, Forensic Facial Imaging Expert based in the Los Angeles-Baltimore/Washington DC Metropolitan areas.

For the last four decades, I’ve combined my extensive law enforcement experience and artistic skills to provide forensic facial imaging services to some of the largest, most diverse, police agencies in the United States, including the Baltimore and Los Angeles Police Departments.

In 2011, I was selected to become Baltimore Police Department’ s first ever, full-time, I.A.I. Certified Forensic Artist. I was tasked with building their Forensic Facial Imaging Unit from the ‘ground up’. Once established, I handled one of the country’s busiest forensic art caseloads. Later, I led the unit to become the first-of-its-kind to be awarded ISO 17020 accreditation.

In 2015, I converted Baltimore Police Department’ s Forensic Facial Imaging Unit to an online operation; the first major police agency in the country to do so. Today, I remain the department’ s Forensic Artist, providing them remote services with the same efficiency as if I were still onsite.

If you have a case that you believe I can help you with, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll take on cases anywhere in the world, for any department large or small. Let me help you solve cases!

Early Career

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a Disney artist and animator. Instead, I followed my father’s career path into law enforcement. My long and distinguished career as a forensic artist began when I was watching a newscast one night while preparing for my shift. Suddenly, I saw a composite sketch flash onto the screen. It was at that moment I knew that I had discovered a way to combine my love of art with my passion for public service. From there, I began a journey that took me across the United States and Canada to study under, at that time, the best forensic artists in the business.

For the rest of my career, my ancillary duty as a forensic artist would parallel my successful career as a law enforcement professional. The experience I gained investigating violent crimes, sexual assaults and juvenile crime helped me develop highly specialized interview skills which I adapted for my role as a police sketch artist.

Over the years, my unique perspective on eyewitnesses, coupled with strong communication skills, made me one of Southern California’ s most sought after police sketch artists. Orange Coast Magazine once referred to me as “one of California’s most vital artists.”

As my skills and experience as a forensic artist increased, I was frequently called upon by investigators during critical, high-profile cases; including: The Samantha Runnion Abduction/Murder, the Anthony Martinez Abduction/Murder, the Baton Rouge Serial Killer, and The Orange County’ s (CA) Fortune Teller murder.

To watch ID Discovery Channel’s re-enactment of the Samantha Runnion investigation CLICK HERE.

The business of forensic art

Early in my career I recognized law enforcement’s need for a software-driven solution to create effective facial composites. The opportunity to influence the way facial composites were created, combined with my continued success fueled my passion to become a forensic facial imaging innovator and entrepreneur.

In 2007 I founded SketchCop® Solutions, Inc.The Digital Difference in Facial Imaging & Identification and began working on SketchCop® Facial Composite SystemThis innovative software program addresses law enforcement’s desire to create effective, easy-to-create digital facial composites while increasing the opportunity for non-artists, forensic science students and other like-minded professionals who want to contribute to the investigative process.

To support them, I provide training through my SketchCop® Online Academy.

To further influence our brand reach into the law enforcement and academic community, we have collaborated with The Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science and the Raksha Shakti University’s School of Forensic Science and Risk Management in India. Michael was invited to join the teaching staff at RSU as an International Adjunct Faculty member.

Through SketchCop® Solutions Inc., I continue to provide facial imaging support to law enforcement, corporations and select private entities. I’ve also introducing true crime fans to a unique perspective on the true crime genre while at the same time encouraging artists to pursue their passion.

Please take a look around my website. Whether you’re a true crime enthusiast, artist or detective hoping to solve a case; I think you’ll find something here that interests you.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I consider it an honor and privilege to serve and I would enjoy hearing from you.

In the meantime, always remember to take care of yourself and practice situational awareness. Also don’t forget to practice personal safety and as always…set aside some time to Keep On Sketching!

I’m currently a member “in good standing” of the following professional organizations:

  • International Association for Identification
  • California Homicide Investigator’s Association
  • California Robbery Investigator’s Association
  • California Sexual Assault Investigator’s Association
  • International Homicide Investigator’s Association