Check out this video for an overview of SketchCop FACETTE features & benefits.

Creates: SketchCop® FACETTE creates black and white facial composites that appear as if they were sketched by a trained police sketch artist.

Wanted Bulletins: customizable within print function.

Contains: sketched facial components.

Full Version Database: thousands of facial components (non-demo).

Auto-Imaging: preliminary composites to increase efficiency, based upon witness initial description.

Image-Merging: facial components from other composites can be mixed together to create a new portrait.

Visualized Image History: thumbnail gallery displaying the image history so you can choose a previous version.

Drawing Tools: pencil, brush, airbrush, smudge, stamp, dodge/burn, eraser, cut & paste, etc.

Modification Tools: positioning, scaling, contrasting, brightness, gamma control, rotation, horizontal flip, trapezoid distortion, etc.

Attention to Detail: to include tilting and turning of individual facial components.

Image Storing: .FTT file format for storing and data exchange between SketchCop FACETTE users.

Exportable Facial Composites: as JPEG, or as a multilayer image that can be opened in Adobe® Photoshop® or Adobe® Photoshop® Elements software.

Archiving Capability: to an individual computer or server.

Language: SketchCop® FACETTE is available in both English and Spanish.

Download this printable PDF document detailing: SketchCop FACETTE Features & Benefits