SketchCop® Facial Composite System EDU software is the classroom version of our popular facial composite software used by law enforcement professionals to create stunningly accurate facial composites. SketchCop® EDU is a useful teaching tool that’s available to teachers/educators.

We provide users with easy-to-follow instructions that provide students with the necessary information to build faces just like a forensic artist. Users may also consider taking online instruction through our SketchCop® Online Academy.

Criminal justice, forensic science and advanced art program instructors should consider purchasing Creating Digital Faces for Law Enforcement to use as a course textbook, or instructional aid. The book is filled with information that may be helpful when developing course curriculum.

Sharpen Your Skills

SketchCop® Facial Composite System Software EDU is also available to the general public. We have found that SketchCop® Facial Composite System Software EDU is a useful tool that helps users sharpen their eyewitness skills.

It’s also useful for visual artists as an aid to help sharpen their skills when learning to draw the human face.

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**PLEASE NOTE that software demos are NOT available for SketchCop® Facial Composite System Software EDU. If you want to see how the software works, please watch the video below.**