SketchCop® Facial Composite System Software has many great features & benefits. You can find many of them listed below. If you have further questions, visit our Contact page to send us a message.

Operating System: Windows, Mac or Linux.

Creates: Color or gray-scale 750 x 1000 images.

Database: Approximately 2,000+ facial components allow users to create countless facial

SketchCop® modification tools: Move, Scale, Paired Margin, Rotate, Trapezoid Distort, Eraser, Create New Layer, Horizontal Flip, Change Layer Opacity, Control Brightness, Contrast, Hue & Saturation and Skin Tone Shader. Drag and Drop facial components, split paired parts, Hide and Reorder Layers is also available.

Refinement tools: We recommend users download a FREE copy of GIMP GNU Image Manipulation software at: to make further image refinements.

Exportable: facial composites may be saved as a .PNG or multi-layer .TIFF file.

Database: Available facial components will allow users to create a wide range of ethnic faces. (Female database is currently in development.)

Facial Component Database includes: Heads, Chins, Ears, Foreheads, Cheeks, Hairstyles, Eyebrows, Eyes, Noses, Mouths, Headwear and Eye/Sunglasses. Age your suspect using our Forehead lines, Eye lines, Mid-facial lines and Neck lines. Alternative looks can be created using Beards, Stubble, Mustaches and Goatees, Masks, Earrings, Tattoos, Blemishes and Scars.

Discounts: We offer a competitive price for our software licenses. Please contact our inside sales team to determine if the number of licenses you order qualify for a multi-license discount.

Training: Please visit our Training page to learn about training options.

Product upgrades and updates: Sold separately, or as part of a 3-year maintenance program.

Technical support: via E-mail.