Our FREE 30-day SketchCop® software trial is ONLY available to law enforcement, military, government, security professionals and licensed private investigators.

An EDU version is available for sale to educators and members of the general public.

PLEASE NOTE: Trials of our EDU/Public version of SketchCop® Software are NOT available.

During the SketchCop® software trial period, users will have full-access to our facial component libraries, editing tools and SketchCop® Editor. This will allow you to become familiar with the software and its effectiveness during actual casework.

At the conclusion of your trial period, the software will no longer work. By then, we hope you’ll decide to purchase SketchCop® Facial Composite System and add it to your department’s forensic toolkit.

To request your FREE Trial Download, send an e-mail to Contact@SketchCop.com. Please insert-SketchCop® Free Demo in the subject line. Please include your: Full Name, Agency, Agency E-mail Address and Phone Number.

The more information you provide the better. This will allow us to fully evaluate your request.

If we require further information, we will give you a call, or make a request for more information via e-mail.