Michael W. Streed has been a leading innovator in the field of forensic facial imaging since 1980. A listing of his most significant career highlights are displayed in the timeline below.


New version of SketchCop® Facial Composite Software is released.

Michael W. Streed becomes an iNPUT-ACE Certified Forensic Video Operator.

Michael W. Streed becomes an iNPUT-ACE Certified Forensic Video Examiner.


Michael W. Streed is named to the International Adjust Faculty at Rashtriya Raksha University School of Forensic Science and Risk Management.

Michael W. Streed comes to an agreement with the Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science in India to open the country’s first forensic facial imaging laboratory for law enforcement.

Michael W. Streed comes to an agreement with Scientific Tools in Dubai to distribute his SketchCop® Facial Composite System Software.


SketchCop® Academy at The Vollmer Institute opens in Orange County, CA.

Michael W. Streed is appointed as a member of the Crime & Forensics Cold Case Team.

Michael W. Streed is appointed as a Consulting Committee Member for The American Investigative Society of Cold Cases.

Michael W. Streed is selected to become a Police Composite Artist for the Los Angeles Police Department.

Michael W. Streed renews his contract to remain as Baltimore Police Department’s Forensic Artist.


SketchCop® Solutions, Inc. becomes an authorized reseller for Beijing Veikk E-Commerce Co.,Ltd.

Michael W. Streed-The SketchCop® extends his Certified Forensic Artist status (International Association for Identification) thru 2023.

Michael W. Streed-The SketchCop® appears in Episode 2 of HLN network’s “Unmasking A Killer”.

SketchCop Solutions, Inc. becomes an authorized reseller for XP-Pen Technology


SketchCop Solutions LLC becomes SketchCop Solutions, Inc.

SketchCop Solutions overhauls and relaunches http://www.SketchCop.com.

Michael W. Streed’s book, Creating Digital Faces for Law Enforcement is released by Elsevier/Academic Press

Michael W. Streed attended 40-hour specialized training in Facial Comparison and Identification instructed by Ms. Lora Sims of Ideal Innovations, Incorporated.

2016 Michael W. Streed is invited to be a guest speaker and expert panelist at the CUE Center’s 12th Annual Missing Person’s Conference in Wilmington, NC.

Michael W. Streed’s non-fiction, true crime book, SketchCop: Drawing A Line Against Crime, is released by WildBlue Press.

Michael W. Streed appears on the History Channel program, Alcatraz: Search for the Truth to help solve the mystery of the famous 1962 escape from Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary.

Michael W. Streed signs with Wild Blue Press to publish a series of true crime books that chronicle his most successful cases, beginning with, SketchCop – Drawing A Line Against Crime, with a release date in January 2016.

Michael W. Streed joins with Elsevier/Academic Press to publish his upcoming book, Creating Digital Faces for Law Enforcement.

SketchCop® Solutions, LLC becomes a facial biometric solutions provider by becoming a partner reseller for Animetrics, Inc. to represent its ForensicaGPS face pose normalization software.

SketchCop® Solutions incorporates to become SketchCop Solutions, LLC.

SketchCop® Solutions is now an Adobe Certified Partner/Reseller.

SketchCop® Solutions hosted its first, 2-day, instructor-led webinar – Creating Digital Composite Images for Law Enforcement.

Baltimore Police Department became the first-known United States law enforcement agency, of its size, to contract for remote forensic facial imaging services via SketchCop® REMOTE.

Oversaw the first forensic facial imaging unit in the United States to receive ISO 17020 accreditation as Baltimore Police Department’s Forensic Artist.

Published Article – “From Click to Capture: Making the Case for Digital Composite Images”, Forensics Magazine.


Attended the International Association for Identification’s 98th Annual Educational Training Conference, Providence, RI

Received Forensic Art Certification from the International Association for Identification.

Published Article – “Making the Move from Pencils to Pixels”, Blue Line Magazine, Canada.


Guest Presenter – Mid-Atlantic Cold Case Homicide Annual Training Conference.

Guest Presenter – National Museum of Crime and Punishment in Washington, DC.


Established Baltimore City Police Department’s Forensic Facial Imaging Unit.

SketchCop® FACETTE Training Site Established in Las Vegas, NV.


Upgrade of SketchCop® FACETTE Face Design System Software Released.


SketchCop® FACETTE Face Design System Software launched in the United States, Canada and Mexico.


SketchCop® Solutions is Formed with Michael Streed as the Co-owner/Vice President and Facial Imaging Expert.


“SketchCops: True Stories From Those Who Draw The Line Against Crime” is published.

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Nominee: Medal of Valor Award for work in Samantha Runnion Murder Case.

Featured on ABC News 20/20 with Barbara Walters profiling Michael Streed’s work in Forensic Art.


Served on International Association for Identification (IAI) Board for Certification of Forensic Artists


Received American Legion Award of Merit for Contributions of Law Enforcement through the use of Forensic Art.

Received Congressional Recognition for use of Forensic Art in Police Cases.

Received Orange Police Department (CA) Award of Merit for use of Forensic Art in Solving a 17-year-old Cold Case Murder.


Trained with the National Center for Missing Children.


Attended Steering Committee Planning Session, FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia for the Creation of the First Ever FBI Composite Sketch Course.