SketchCop® Solutions, Inc. is a privately-owned California, USA corporation.

The company was founded in 2007 by Michael W. Streed, one of the world’s most experienced forensic facial imaging experts. He and his team of associates are uniquely qualified to help global law enforcement solve their most difficult cases.

SketchCop® Solutions, Inc. provides “best in-class” forensic facial imaging software products and services to law enforcement, related government agencies, military, intelligence, private security and academics. Some of these products may be found listed below:

  • Frontalis® Facial Composite System Software
  • ForensicGPS® Facial Pose-Correction Software
  • XP Pen® Digital Pen Tablets/Displays
  • VEIKK Digital Pen Tablets/Displays

Training is offered online through our SketchCop® Online Academy, live webinars, or onsite, “hands-on”, workshops. Product support is available via e-mail.

If you’d like to learn more about our products & services, please Contact Us, or use the contact information listed below.

Contact information:

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SketchCop Solutions, Inc.
1941 California Avenue, Suite 77458
Corona, CA 92877

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