Welcome to the SketchCop® Captured Gallery-Deadly Assault. Sketches appearing in this section were created by Michael W. Streed Forensic Facial Imaging Expert, IAI Certified Forensic Artist and one of the world’s most experienced Facial Identification Experts.

Select cases depicted in the SketchCop® Captured Gallery are described in greater detail in Michael’s book – SketchCop: Drawing A Line Against Crime

Please Note: Persons shown here were arrested by law enforcement. However, they should always be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Crime/Sketch Date: 09/22/15

Crime: Non-Fatal Shooting/Armed Robbery

Agency: Baltimore Police Department/Southern District

The victim was walking down the street when he was confronted by a subject armed with a handgun. He demanded that the victim hand over his money because he, the subject, had bills to pay. The victim told him that he didn’t have any, the subject replied, “I don’t want to shoot you”. Fearing he would be shot, the victim handed the subject $100.00 from his back pocket and the subject then removed another $35.00 from the victim’s wallet before escaping. I worked with the victim to create the sketch. After sending it to the detective, he noticed that it resembled a suspect in another non-fatal shooting case.

Crime/Sketch Date: 01/13/13

Crime: Non-Fatal Shooting

Agency: Baltimore Police Department/Central District

Baltimore Police officers received a report of a shooting victim at the intersection of North Gay and Fayette Street, across the street from the Central District police station.  Officers arrived to find the victim with a gunshot wound to his lower leg.  Detectives learned that the victim and suspect argued while riding on a local commuter bus.  During a stop downtown, the suspect shot the victim and fled the bus.  A sketch was developed with the help of the victim and detectives were later able to develop and arrest a suspect.  One detective told me that when she saw the suspect being walked into the interview room, she instantly recognized him from the sketch.

Crime/Sketch Date: 10/22/2010

Crime: Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Agency: San Diego County Sheriff’s Department

An adult female was confronted by a knife-wielding suspect inside the ele
vator at her apartment building. The suspect, placed the knife against her throat, warning her not to scream. She began to struggle, during which time she sustained a minor cut across her throat. She fled the elevator and called police. During their investigation detectives learned that a suspect who matched the sketch lived in a nearby apartment complex. He was arrested and tried as an adult for the crime and later sentenced to prison.

Crime/Sketch Date: 03/28/96

Crime: Non-Fatal Shooting

Agency: Orange Police Department

An unknown suspect entered a fast food restaurant, to commit a robbery, and shot the manager in the face.  He later fled to his home, two blocks away, where he feasted on food taken during the robbery.  He was arrested within days of the crime because of a job application his girlfriend left at the robbery location.  The witness’ memory was remarkable.  Notice how the witness caught the mole on the right side of his face.  In the accompanying booking photo, the mole is a couple of inches below his right eye.

Crime/Sketch Date: 09/07/89

Crime: Non-Fatal Shooting

Agency: La Habra Police Department

An off-duty Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy was fixing his flat-tire when he was confronted at gunpoint by a male suspect who robbed and then shot him. The deputy survived a gunshot wound to the stomach and was hospitalized.  At the time the sketch was requested, I learned that the victim had received a morphine injection to control his pain. Knowing I would have limited time, I rushed to the hospital to interview him before the full-effect of his medication took effect.  The sketch was successful, right down to the ‘stinger’ goatee that in the sketch looks like a cleft chin.