facial composite sketchesSketchCop® Solutions offers composite sketches & facial composite software products for law enforcement, intelligence, military, corporate and private investigators.  Private commissions will be considered on a case-by-case basis and ONLY in cooperation with law enforcement. Facial composites are the most familiar and widely-used form of forensic art. SketchCop® Solutions has provided facial composites to law enforcement agencies, nationwide, for nearly four decades. To view examples of our success, please visit our Captured Gallery.

To explore the best solution for your agency, read the options listed below.

Software-driven facial composites
Law enforcement agencies, government, military, corporate and private investigators who wish to create their own facial composites should purchase Frontalis® Facial Composite System software. Training and support is also available.  To see examples of our client’s successes, visit our Success Stories page.

facial composite sketches

“Real-Time” – Online Facial Composite Interviews
If your case is time-sensitive, or beyond our service area, you can schedule an online facial composite interview.  It’s an easy and flexible solution for most agencies.  SketchCop® Solutions is an industry-leader in producing online facial composites.  We’ve successfully conducted over 100 online interviews for law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.

Onsite Facial Composite Interviews
SketchCop® Solutions will respond to locations within a 60-mile radius of our main office in Corona, CA.  Locations beyond that distance will be invoiced for travel time and mileage.  Law enforcement agencies that contract with SketchCop® Solutions are exempt from additional charges.

To request a facial composite software demo, or composite sketch appointment, complete the request form on the right side of the screen, or visit our Contact page.