SketchCop® 1:1 is our personalized forensic facial imaging coaching, training & mentoring program offered through SketchCop® Academy.

SketchCop® 1:1 is led by Michael W. Streed, an I.A.I. Certified Forensic Artist ( and one of the world’s most experienced forensic facial imaging experts.

Michael was fortunate to be trained and mentored early in his career by the world’s greatest forensic artists. Since then, he’s carved out a successful career as a forensic artist with some of America’s largest and most diverse law enforcement agencies, assisting them with their most challenging cases.

Michael understands the need for personalized,

quality training. He’s trained law enforcement agencies and forensic science students around the world.

Those interested in using their artistic skills to become a forensic artist, or those already working in law enforcement as a forensic artist now have a direct path to similar training.

SketchCop® 1:1  also welcomes those with minimal art skills. Our SketchCop® Facial Composite System Software helps users create effective facial composites that will help you become a valuable asset within your own department.

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