Investigators who prefer traditional police sketches may now request our SketchCop® REMOTE service.

Michael W. Streed is available to connect with investigators online. Michael is the founder of SketchCop® Solutions and is an I.A.I. CERTIFIED Forensic Artist. He’s considered to be one of the world’s most experienced forensic facial imaging experts with experience in many high-profile cases. He’s ready to go LIVE to help identify your suspect.

SketchCop® REMOTE is available to any size law enforcement agency, anywhere in the world. We use the latest web-conferencing technology to quickly & easily connect with you 24/7. This allows us to conduct interviews in a virtual space, delivering high-quality, facial composites that grab the public’s attention and generate leads. 

SketchCop® REMOTE allows eyewitness to participate in the process from the safety and comfort of their home or office, leaving investigators to focus on their investigation.

Schedule your appointment today!

Police sketch artist appointments that once took days, or weeks to schedule are now available in ‘real-time’. Investigators can often schedule same-day interviews and have their sketches delivered via e-mail upon completion.

If you’re interested in scheduling an online facial composite interview, please review the below listed requirements prior to requesting your appointment:

  • PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone (Note: tablets and smartphones require the ZOOM Meeting app. If you’re using an Apple product, click here to find download information. Android users click here.)
  • Telephone (hard-line, or cell phone)
  • Check connectivity requirements 

To schedule your appointment, please complete the request form, or visit our Contact page.