SketchCop® REMOTE is a online global service that connects investigators with (Ret.) Police Sergeant Michael W. Streed, Forensic Facial Imaging Expert, IAI-Certified Forensic Artist and founder of SketchCop® Solutions, Inc.

With 41 years of forensic art experience, Michael’s considered one of the world’s most experienced forensic facial imaging experts. During his distinguished career he gained considerable experience and a reputation for assisting law enforcement with their most difficult cases. Now, Michael’s ready to go LIVE with your eyewitness to create a compelling sketch that generates the leads necessary to help bring your case to a successful conclusion.

Michael uses GoToMeeting to quickly & easily connect with you 24/7. This allows him to conduct interviews in a virtual space, delivering high-quality, facial composites that grab the public’s attention and generate leads. And like our SketchCop® Facial Composite System Software, using SketchCop® REMOTE helps to greatly reduce investigative cycle times.

Interested law enforcement agencies may also request our Self-Guided Interview for Facial Composites. We strongly encourage Investigators to use the guide to help eyewitnesses capture details of a suspect’s face soon after a crime is committed. Michael will use the information to create a more effective facial composite for their investigation. 

SketchCop® REMOTE is unique because it allows eyewitnesses to participate from the comfort and safety of their home or office while investigators focus more time and energy on their investigation.

With SketchCop® REMOTE, police sketch artist appointments that once took days, or weeks to schedule are now available in ‘real-time’ online. Investigators can often schedule same-day interviews and have their sketches delivered via e-mail upon completion.

If you’re interested in scheduling a facial composite interview, please review the listed requirements prior to requesting your appointment. Once completed, use the Contact form on the right to book your appointment. Or you can download our Sketch Request form using the button below. Once completed, save and send to: Contact@SketchCop.