Age-progression photos are used by missing persons investigators and family members to update the appearance of missing/deceased persons or fugitives. Attorneys also use age-progressed images during wrongful death lawsuits.

Traditional illustration techniques are blended with the latest photo editing software to create powerful images that pay respect to lives lost too soon, providing hope & comfort to those left behind.

Before requesting our services, please review the guidelines below.

  1. A scanned portrait-style photograph – as close as possible to the date of their death/disappearance.
  2. Gather and scan photographs of bloodline siblings or parents taken at, or near the age as the missing/deceased person.
  3. Fugitive age progressions require their most recent booking or government-issued ID photograph. Note: please provide as much lifestyle or medical information about the subject as legally allowed.
  4. Scanned photographs should be a minimum of 5 x 7 inches in size at 300 dpi resolution.
  5. SketchCop® Solutions WILL NOT accept original photographs.
  6. If photos are too large to attach to an e-mail, then please consider using a file sharing service.

Note: There is no guarantee the completed image will be an ‘exact likeness‘ of the missing or deceased person. The image should only be considered an “approximation” only.

If you need an age-progression photo, please use the request form on the right-side of the screen, or Contact.