Are you looking for an efficient, cost-effective solution for delivering forensic art/facial imaging services to your law enforcement agency? If so, contact SketchCop® Solutions.  We offer ‘best in class’ service at less-the-cost of supporting ‘in-house’ forensic art programs.  We use the latest technology to provide “real-time” services – online.

Our staff of trained experts are ready to provide your department with the following services:

Facial Composite: An online interview with your eyewitness, or video surveillance review, to produce a digital sketch of your suspect.

Postmortem Image: Morgue photos of unidentified deceased persons, unsuitable for public release, are turned into “media-ready” images that increase opportunities for a positive identification.

Age-Progression/Regression: An updated photograph of a long-term fugitive suspect, or long-term missing child or adult.

Facial Approximation: The approximation of an unidentified deceased person’s appearance created from a human skull, using anthropological data and other available evidence.

1-to-1 Facial Comparison and Analysis: Photographic images are compared to identity, or eliminate individuals using scaled and aligned photographs and assessing morphological landmarks.

Photo Editing:  Facial photographs can be edited for photo lineups or to add or remove disguises, facial hair, or change hairstyles.

SketchCop® Solutions currently provides contracted forensic facial imaging services for the Baltimore City Police Department, one of America’s largest and busiest municipal police departments.

If you would like to receive a cost proposal for your department, please use the contact form on the right or our Contact page.