SketchCop® Solutions assists the entertainment industry with projects that involve forensic facial imaging. We create high-quality exhibits, analyze facial images, review scripts and provide technical consulting. Expert commentary for news programs and true crime shows is also available.

We use cutting-edge technology to create forensic facial imaging exhibits and props. Although much of our work is created off-site and delivered electronically, we will appear on-site when necessary.

Past projects include: documentary films and TV specials, true crime, history, fiction and non-fiction literary works. Michael W. Streed has created images, or appeared as himself on several fiction and non-fiction true crime programs airing on –The History Channel, ID Discovery, HLN, Amazon Video, Netflix and Universal Pictures.

A sample of work from previous projects may be found below. To book your project with us, use our Contact page.

BOSCH S03 E06 Hold Fast Productions
Bosch S05 E07 Hold Fast Productions
Alcatraz - Search for the Truth Texas Crew Productions
Facial Comparison/Analysis Anglin Brothers
Unmasking A Killer - Joke Productions
Expert Commentary - Image Analysis