Geomagic® Freeform Plus Software

Facial Approximation

Facial approximation, commonly referred to as skull reconstruction, is the process where soft-tissue/landmark facial features are constructed onto a skull to approximate the appearance of an unidentified deceased person’s face when alive.

Our forensic facial imaging experts blend traditional illustration techniques with the latest available photo-editing software to approximate the person’s appearance in a two-dimensional format.

3D Virtual Clay Reconstruction

Facial Approximation Options…

SketchCop® Solutions’ facial imaging experts create facial approximations in 2D and 3D formats. (See 2D examples below.)

Those who prefer the traditional three-dimensional format can forward a CT scan file or mail the skull to SketchCop® Solutions. A 3D model of the skull will be created uploaded to, and rendered in Geomagic Freeform Plus and Zbrush sculpting software. (Sculpting in virtual clay provides clients with a more robust, life-like image.)

Both techniques are effective in helping solve cold-case murders and suspicious, unattended deaths. Please consult our experts on which technique will best-serve your case.

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Case Study (See Below Facial Approximations with ID Photos)

During the spring of 1993, Southern California was flooded by a series of torrential rainstorms. The outlying desert areas of Riverside County were hit particularly hard. Much property was destroyed as low-lying areas became raging rivers. When it was over, people began leaving their homes to survey the damage. One day, two young boys playing in a wash area near Winchester made a grisly discovery. As they neared a dirt embankment, they saw skeletal remains exposed by the rainstorm… To learn how they were identified, read my book – SketchCop: Drawing A Line Against Crime (WildBlue Press 2016)

2D Facial/Skull Reconstruction with ID Photo
2D Facial/Skull Reconstruction with ID Photo
2D Facial/Skull Reconstruction
2D Facial/Skull Reconstruction
3D Skull Reconstruction Geomagic Freeform +/Zbrush Software