Facial comparison & analysis, within a legal context, concerns assessing the possible identity of an individual by the use of scaled and aligned photographic images or by demonstrating morphologically comparable features.

Civil and criminal investigators, private individuals and collectors may submit photos for evaluation by our expert here at SketchCop® Solutions.

Michael W. Streed is our Forensic Facial Imaging Expert. He’s received over 100 hours of specialized F.B.I. and NGO training in forensic facial comparison & analysis.

Michael has compared & analyzed facial photographs of celebrities, sports figures, murder victims and alleged organized crime figure submitted by collectors, authors and the entertainment industry.

In 2015, he was asked to evaluate and compare photographs of John and Clarence Anglin for the History Channel documentary – Alcatraz: Search for the Truth. The brothers escaped from Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary in 1962 along with fellow inmate Frank Morris. For decades they were presumed dead until Michael’s expert case analysis changed the course of the investigation. (See images & video on the left.)

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