SketchCop® offers 1-to-1 facial comparison/analysis services for civil and criminal investigations, including those who collect rare photos.

Forensic Facial Imaging Expert and IAI Certified Forensic Artist Michael W. Streed has received specialized training with the F.B.I. and private vendors who specialize in facial recognition.

Facial comparison and analysis, within a legal context, concerns assessing the possible identity of an individual by the use of scaled and aligned photographic images or by demonstrating morphologically comparable features.

SketchCop® will also compare and analyze faces for historical investigations, like the famous 1962 escape from Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary.

In 2015, Michael was asked to evaluate and compare the above photographs of John and Clarence Anglin. The brothers escaped from Alcatraz Prison and disappeared with fellow inmate Frank Morris. Michael W. Streed provided expert case analysis filmed for the popular 2015 History Channel documentary, Alcatraz: Search for the Truth.

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