SketchCop® Solutions is pleased to announce our new forensic video processing service.

We’ve recently acquired iNPUT-ACE Video Analysis Software to process your video. Proprietary video files that cannot be opened can be converted to a standard format for use during your investigation. Sub-clips and screen grabs may also be created upon request. We have received expert training and are recognized by iNPUT-ACE as Certified Forensic Video Operators/Examiners.

Less than a decade ago it was rare for investigators to use video evidence during criminal investigations. Today, it’s much more common. In fact, it’s a rare occasion when individuals are NOT being recorded by CCTV cameras or private individuals who use their cellphones to record public and private events.

This makes video in high demand by law enforcement. Whether it’s used by investigators to corroborate eyewitness statements or as a standalone piece of evidence; attorneys, judges and other members of the criminal justice system have come to depend on forensic video as a reliable, undisputable piece of evidence.

Yet video doesn’t always tell the whole story. It adds some context and clarity, but it doesn’t tell the viewer everything. When it’s combined with other pieces of evidence along with expert and eyewitness testimony, it becomes a more complete and powerful tool. One that many consider quite reliable.

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