Until now, face recognition systems have treated a face as a homogeneous entity. f2’s Partial Face Recognition technology is unique in that it takes just part of a face and matches it against the same parts in a database of complete faces. This has real value in forensic and investigative environments where only part of a face may be available. For example, surveillance images, body parts after an explosion, burn victims, a photograph where only part of a face is visible, etc.

Partial face recognition is a module within the Face Forensics face recognition application. All the functionality of full-face recognition is available to recognize and match the partial face. Selecting “Partial face” on a pull-down on the Face Screen displays a facial


A frontal shot is taken of the facial part.  This image is either pasted or drag-and-dropped onto the facial template. The template itself is a computer-generated generic face.

Once the image is placed over the relevant area of the template it will have to be resized to match the size of the template. The template itself can then be adjusted to change the distance between the eyes, and the position of the nose.  Once the partial face is deemed to be in the most realistic position the eye centers are manually selected as seen on the right.

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