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A mystique surrounds police composite sketches, which involve the merger of art and science. To be successful requires me to assume several roles — pop psychologist, armchair counselor, artist, scientist and investigator. My job is to mine the memories of crime victims and eyewitnesses and create monsters from them.
How I do that is the question I have been asked over and over again. The secret lies in my ability to merge the details of a victim’s memory with the lines and shadows that I lay down on paper. And while it might seem odd that something so powerful could come from nothing more than a few recollections and well-placed scribbles, it’s a formula that’s helped bring many criminals to justice.

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SketchCop: Drawing a Line Against Crime

A True Crime Original by Michael W. Streed

Orange Police Sergeant (Ret.) Michael W. Streed is “The SketchCop®.” He’s a one-of-a-kind crime fighter who’s frequently called into action by police departments seeking help solving their most difficult cases.

For nearly four decades, Michael has provided signature images for the country’s most notorious murders, rapes, and kidnappings, including the kidnapping and murder of five-year-old Samantha Runnion, as well as the Baton Rouge Serial Killer.

The SketchCop® has fought crime, coast-to-coast, from Los Angeles to Baltimore, Salt Lake City to Baton Rouge. Along the way, he has papered the walls of police squad rooms with sketches of their city’s most dangerous criminals.

In this collection of true crime stories, Michael shares cases from his own portfolio. He describes how he connects with, and empowers, courageous victims and eyewitnesses, from all walks of life. Using their descriptions, the author creates life-like sketches of the assailants with an accuracy that has led to quick identifications and captures.

SketchCop – Drawing A Line Against Crime provides readers a glimpse at some of Michael W. Streed’s career cases and the significant role he plays in the criminal justice system.