Welcome to our SketchCop® Store! This is your ‘one-stop-shop’ for forensic art materials and resources. I’ve gathered some items that I believe will be helpful to those who want to become a forensic artist. We’ll be periodically adding new products so please check back often.

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Below are a selection of books that provide a solid foundation in forensic art – both analog & digital. They are great primers for those seeking to become a forensic artist.

Materials & Resources

An ebony pencil and bond paper were my two most important tools when I began my career as a forensic artist. Patience, persistence and knowing how to wield a pencil are great starting attributes for those seeking to become a forensic artist.

Digital Tools & Software

If you’ve been at it for awhile and you’re ready to ‘make your move from pencils to pixels’; I’ve selected some great tools and software to get you started on your digital journey. I’ve been using Wacom®, Corel® and Adobe® products for years. These are the everyday tools I use to help police capture their most violent criminals.

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