SketchCop Solutions is Turning Heads with ForensicaGPS

ForensicaGPSEach day, forensic artists work with victims and eyewitnesses to exploit an assailant’s most visible asset – their face.  Whether using traditional methods, or a computer software program, these dedicated artists provide facial composites to law enforcement with the hope they will lead to an identification.

Now, investigators have a new high-tech tool to add to their forensic facial imaging toolbox – facial recognition.  These powerful software programs rely on high-speed mathematical algorithms to quickly examine and sort through an innumerable amount of photographs hoping to match them to the target image.  A list of probable candidates is then forwarded to investigators for further follow up.

Surveillance photographs, still images and composite sketches are but just a few of the images that can be fed into these systems.  With the proliferation of cell phone cameras, private and governmental surveillance camera systems, as well as other image capture devices, law enforcement are relying on these images more than ever before.