Welcome to the SketchCop® Captured Gallery-Burglary. Sketches appearing in this section were created by Michael W. Streed Forensic Facial Imaging Expert, IAI Certified Forensic Artist and one of the world’s most experienced Facial Identification Experts.

Select cases depicted in the SketchCop® Captured Gallery are described in greater detail in Michael’s book – SketchCop: Drawing A Line Against Crime

Please Note: Persons shown here were arrested by law enforcement. However, they should always be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Crime/Sketch Date: 06/18/13

Crime: Residential Burglary

Agency: Baltimore Police Department/Northern District

The female victim was sleeping when she was awakened by a noise inside her bedroom. She looked up to see the subject walking around holding her pocketbook. When she screamed for help, he held his finger to his lips to quiet her. He later fled and was chased by a neighbor as he rode away on a bicycle. It was later learned that the subject entered the residence through a downstairs window and had ransacked the residence before he was discovered. The neighbor helped me create the facial composite and the subject was later arrested.

Crime/Sketch Date: 01/20/11

Crime: Residential Burglary

Agency: Los Angeles Police Department/Rampart Division

The subject entered the victim’s residence under the ruse that he was a utility worker. Once inside, the subject wandered throughout the home stealing property before leaving. It wasn’t until later that the victim realized several items had been stolen. He was later able to assist with creating the sketch and the subject was later arrested.


Crime/Sketch Date: 10/15/10

Crime: Residential Burglary

Agency: Los Angeles Police Department/Rampart Division

A homeowner returned to his residence to see a subject burglarizing his home. He confronted the subject as the subject fled with his property. The victim was later able to help me create a facial composite and the subject was arrested.

Crime/Sketch Date: 09/21/04

Crime: Residential Burglary

Agency: Placentia Police Department

A female came home from work and confronted a subject rummaging through her bedroom. The subject reacted by pushing past her and fleeing the apartment. She immediately reported the crime to police and officers were dispatched. A responding patrol officer later said that he saw a male subject leaving the area riding a skateboarding. At the time, he didn’t have an updated description, so he didn’t stop and detain him. The victim later helped me  create a sketch of the subject who was later identified and arrested.

Crime/Sketch Date: 05/05/93

Crime: Residential Burglary

Agency: Orange Police Department

My former police agency purchased a facial composite software for our detectives. Although I had training as a traditional forensic artist, I thought I would try using it during an actual investigation. A local resident witnessed a subject committing a residential burglary. When the image was released to patrol officers, many recognized the subject as a local subject with a documented criminal history. He was later arrested by detectives after he was positively identified by the eyewitness.